Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System
Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System

This is system is for demonstration purposes only.
You may not use it for any purpose other than to see how MRSBS works.

Logging In
  • Login with any information you like.
  • If you give yourself a group of "admin", you will have administrator privileges.
  • Because of the way this test login handler is setup, if you reach the login page from operations submitting form data, you will receive an error after logging in. Simply retry the operation -- you will have logged in in spite of the error.
  • Mail notification from this system is disabled.
  • Email address is used to uniquely identify people. This demo system will obscure the email address you type (except in displaying to you your login information), however the distribution does not.
  • The reply links an invitee would receive are viewable in the invitee status of the meeting info.
  • Note the demo server is located in the Pacific timezone.
  • Automated meeting scheduling, when a meeting's scheduling deadline or criteria have been reached, occurs every two hours.
  • After a meeting is scheduled, view the meeting info for a link to download the calendar event (.ics) file.
Purging of Data
  • All data from this demo system is periodically purged. Logo