Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System
Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System

MRSBS is a system for coordinating the scheduling of meetings. MRSBS allows a person to schedule a meeting with people who are not on the same (or any) calendaring system.

The meeting host (or the host's delegate) prepares an invitation, specifying required and optional attendees, information about the meeting topic and duration, potential time slots, and potential locations. The invitation is sent to the invitees via email, the invitees reply via a web page with their availability.

Once all replies have been received, MRSBS selects the best available time. Invitees are then notified with an RFC 2445 compliant iCalendar notification.

MRSBS is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or any later version. See the LICENSE included in the distribution for more information.

  • v1.0: Proof of Concept
    Version 1 is intended as a proof of concept, it probably isn't production quality, but can be useful to play around with.

  • v2.0: Interactive Usability
    Version 2 is intended for interactive usability, meaning a manual reply from the invitee is required. Integration with the Meeting Room Booking System is also intended.

  • v3.0: Free/Busy Integration
    Version 3 is intended to support automatic interrogation for platforms that support Free/Busy querying.


Version 1.1.1 is now available (22 June 2008).

  • If migrating from v1.0, be sure to read the UPGRADING file for instructions.
  • The CHANGELOG is also available.

You may browse the CVS repository here or find instructions for using the command line tool here.

Demo Site A demo site is available.
Mailing List A mailing list has not yet been established.
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